Mormon Church Mystery Novel - The Mystery of Matthew Alcott

Mormon Mystery Novel

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The Complete Mystery of Matthew Alcott: HERITAGE OF SECRETS.      
A novel set deep inside the Mormon Church

Why has the Mormon Church rated this book non-faith promoting?
How would you feel if you were fired because you were too good at your job? How bad would you feel if your father said you were his greatest disappointment? 

What would you do if you were offered $2,000,000 for your unpublished manuscript? What insanity would provoke you to refuse the offer?

That isn’t Matthew’s biggest problem. His Cate has disappeared.



Congratulations Michael Oborn!
The Complete Mystery of Matthew Alcott
is a 2013 Readers' Favorite Honorable Mention!



Critics have likened Oborn's The Complete Mystery of Matthew Alcott to Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code. While symbologist Robert Langdon is drawn through Paris and Great Britain to solve the code, Oborn’s hero is in a desperate race through New York and Salt Lake City to answer the mystery of the last revelation.


Move over, Hugh Hefner. You could take lessons from Joseph Smith.


I believe this novel is on its way to becoming a best seller!
Reviewed by Lorraine Carey for Readers Favorite 


Matthew Alcott was Mormon born and raised. Following his mission he successfully landed a job as church historian. It was the happiest day of his life. Three years later he was driven from Zion in shame and disgrace.

Matthew discovered a different Joseph Smith, one he came to understand as a genius haunted by deceit, ridicule, and betrayal. He was determined to find out why Smith caused so many to love him and so many to hate and fear him. While working in the archives Matthew stumbled upon a lost revelation Joseph Smith received from God. Potentially ruinous, the patriarchy informed him the revelation was bogus. Matt knew it was authentic.

Convinced people had a right to know Matt was determined to publish his findings. He learned the hard way; it was the sacred duty of the church fathers to protect the membership from all things non-faith promoting.

Oborn writes like some of the best contemporary writers...The opening scenes immediately draw the reader into the story and Oborn keeps the action going. With the exception of a few short scenes where the important characters are introduced, this fast-paced caper does not disappoint. His scene description often takes just one or two sentences. He describes a modest living space Alcott occupies early in the book: "The floor slanted to port if you were headed to the john and starboard if you were looking for the Cocoa Puffs." Brilliant!

Kay Burningham, Author

The Complete Mystery of Matthew Alcott is the home of the Harley Davidson Twelve Apostles, a unique motorcycle club.


       "I'm here to see President Burgess."

      The lady who opened the large oak door spoke his name.

      “What is it with you? I divorce you, and four years later you’re still ruining my life.”


      Bewildered. The voice was hers. Hair had never been blond, and the face was at best an imitation of the girl he had once been married to for eternity.

      “Don’t be smart,” Carol said.

      Matt was temporarily disoriented. The voice coming out of the face put him off, her body more so.

      “My God, how many times have you had your tits lifted?” Matt said.

      All that anger being squeezed out through those beautiful features was as diabolical as it gets. Her eyes, too, bothered him. They were her eyes, yet they were not. Matt couldn’t, within the time frame he was standing there, reconcile the image he was looking at with the one carried in memory. He wondered if it showed.

      “You’ve been excommunicated,” Carol blurted venomously.

      He couldn’t mistake the pleasure in her voice.

      “Your records are still here, in our ward. The bishopric met and un-churched you, you apostate bastard,” she said, pushing the words through her teeth.

      She was holding the door from fully opening. Matt attempted to enter. 

      “Yeah. I heard.”

      “I will personally see that you are my servant in eternity,” Carol said.

      Pushing past her, “I’ll take the fire and brimstone.”


         “My bishop threatened excommunication. What was I supposed to do?” Paul said.

         Paul, Matt’s brother, was an attorney. They were in his office in downtown Salt Lake City. Secretary Perfect was standing between them. He knew if he hit Paul again he would have to fight her too. All very odd. Paul could kick his ass any day of the week.

         “Screw you! Screw your bishop,” Matt uttered, almost a whisper.

         “Do you know what happens to your family when they excommunicate you?” Paul demanded.

         “You ever had a vodka enema?” Matt countered.

         Paul blinked. Secretary Perfect turned white.

         “Had to be you gave me up. Any idea where I've been for two weeks?”

         “You don’t look like you were hurt,” she said.

         Matt put the whiskey down, walked to the end of the desk, turned, and dropped his pants. Secretary let out a shriek could pierce armor. There on both cheeks of Matt’s white buttocks were the partially healed scars of his sadistic captor. It looked like someone had played tic-tac-toe with a knife.

         “I was told they needed to talk to you, that’s all,” Paul said.

         Matt hitched up his pants, reached for the whiskey.

         “Christ, Paul. I don’t even like vodka.”