Michael Oborn

The male brain is different than the female brain. For example, in the male brain 2 1/2 times more cells are devoted to sex than in the female brain.

For two hundred plus years a congress of, for, and by men has designed a nation of, for, and by men. There is no mystery here. At some point it is imperative that we stop trying to fix problems by dealing solely with the symptoms of the problem.

In 1916 there were no women in congress and there never had been. In 1917 there was one woman in our legislative ranks. Today there are 101 women out of 540 men in the House and the senate.  We need another 169 women to join the 101 existing women holding seats in the Congress to balance out male thinking. Where is the mystery?

The cultures of religion hold enormous financial power and political clout. Why? No mystery. Because they are cultures of, for, and by men.

The United States of America is in desperate need of a balanced legislative body. We need women who will step up, get elected, and serve.

The kids are out of high school. If you ran the nation like you did your home I don't think we would be in the mess we are in. Go for it.