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The Complete Mystery of Matthew Alcott
Published by Outskirts Press

April 24, 2012 – Denver, CO, and Bellevue, WA – Author Michael Oborn announced today the release of The Complete Mystery of Matthew Alcott, HERITAGE OF SECRETS, published by Outskirts Press.  

While studying the private papers of Brigham Young, Matthew Alcott stumbles across a revelation that Joseph Smith received from God, but that has long been concealed from the world by Mormon authorities.  

He begins to dig deeper into the character and behavior of Joseph Smith, and what he discovers paints a whole new picture of the Mormon Church and of Smith’s relationship to women.

“Women make up over fifty percent of the population of the country,” Alcott announces as he completes his research. “I fear our Constitution will never be safe until Congress is half women.” 

Soon the intrepid historian comes under the scrutiny of a political power he never dreamed actually exists.