Michael Oborn
Shepherding Cassie, has been been advanced to the finals in six film festivals, placed Best Scene in two festivals, received an Outstanding Achievement Award at Calcutta FF, a Second Place at Socially Relevant FF in New York and received a third Place at Cannes FF.

In the small farming community of Deuteronomy, Obie, the town drunk learns the school music teacher is having an affair with a high school student in the same school where his oldest granddaughter is a student. Catching the music teacher in a motel with the girl he hits and accidentally kills the teacher. Obie goes to prison on a manslaughter charge, serves two of a three year sentence, and returns to Deuteronomy where the sheriff hits Obie with a restraining order demanding by law he stay away from his grandchildren. Obie learns his son is putting his nine-year-old granddaughter in a clinic for sexually conflicted young people where she will undergo brainwashing techniques and electroshock therapy.

When Obie challenges his son someone attempts to murder him almost killing one of his grandsons instead. On parole Obie is blamed for his grandsons injuries and finds himself in jail waiting to be transferred back to prison.


A father believes his nine-year-old daughter is sexually conflicted and puts her in a clinic dedicated to modifying behavior when, the town drunk, grandpa finds out.

The inciting incident is a happy nine year-old girl who happens to be good at gymnastics and a father who thinks professional female athletes are lesbians.


Genre: LGBTQ Drama. While there is murder, attempted murder, great fight scenes and humor, there are no sex scenes in this screen play. It is about saving the life of a young girl who is accused of lesbian tendencies.

When an Olympic coach, scouting for talent, sees nine year-old Cassie perform she asks the Shepherds if she can coach Cassie for the Olympics.

The fear that Cassie, his daughter, will grow up to be a lesbian is unthinkable. Laurence must save his daughter. He arranges to have Cassie admitted to a three-month conversion camp where brain washing technics and electroshock therapy are used to guarantee positive changes in sexually conflicted individuals.

Picture Kevin Costner (as Jerico Stewart in ‘Criminal’) as grandpa wearing a cowboy hat standing between nine year old Cassie and the law, the State, the Sheriff, the Father, and the militant police that have come to take her to a three month treatment camp to be tortured into being someone she is not. This goes on every day in the US. 

The father, Laurence Shepherd, is our antagonist. While a decent, good man, he embodies the prevailing belief that homosexuality is a sin. His father, (Cassie’s grandpa) the town drunk, is our antihero protagonist.

Characterizing the central conflict: town drunk protects the innocent. Unifying theme: in the end love wins. Moral conflict: cultural freedom doesn’t mean forcing others to live by your beliefs. 

(Ultimately sex is about what’s between the ears not what’s between the legs. As we speak clandestine Reparative Therapy is being performed in many countries as well as the U.S.. When an attempt is made to alter a person’s sexual identity the result is not without emotional dissonance of an extreme psychological nature often resulting in suicide and attempted suicide, mainly amount teenagers.  

LGBT people want to be accepted. For this to happen people need to be brought to the understanding that DNA cannot be altered and that there is nothing inherently wrong with loving someone of your own sex.) 

This story accents the generally held mythology and folklore that sex is alterable and that we can change a persons DNA to fit our beliefs.


Two levels of consideration. First, the viewing public; a young child in peril sets off a universal, alarm in people of all ages. In other words, Good Box Office. Second, the LGBT community is an unlimited source of investment money. They desire acceptance. The story the LGBTQ community wants told centers around the prevailing belief that a person’s sexual orientation has something to do with sin or its absence and that it can be altered. That belief is bullshit.

When the attempt is made to change a person’s sexual identity the result is emotional dissonance of an extreme psychological nature. Among teenagers there is a high incidence of suicide and attempted suicide. Reparative Therapy is a dirty little secret everyone knows exists and no one talk about.

I’m not interested in Shepherding Cassie becoming a little independent film that plays in a few theaters, receives a few accolades, and dies a sweet quiet death. 

This story is shaped from the POV of the protagonist.  Obie (grandpa) is in ninety percent of the scenes.

Business considerations are paramount.

Shepherding Cassis is now a book (a script book) on Amazon.  

Governor Jay Inslee

Olympia, Washington

March 30, 2018


Washington state Senator Manka Dhingra said, "No child should be put through the dangerous and abusive practice of Conversion Therapy.”

Legislate your ass off Governor. You too senator. Sign all the bills you like, but when a religious parent wants to save their child's soul nothing will stop them from taking their kid to a behavioral modification specialist.

Laurence Shepherd, about his nine year old daughter, put it like this, "God's Law is the higher law.”

CONVERSION THERAPY: The dirty secret that won’t go away.



“I love the occasional fiction, but I never thought to read a movie script. I’m glad a friend recommended it. I couldn’t put it down. I ordered additional copies for my book club. This story is movie, I definitely was to see it.”


“Surprises abound in this story. For years I have been working in the field of literary discipline as an editor, writer, publicist. Talk about exceptional. SHEPHERDING CASSIE stands head and shoulders above so much of what is called literary fiction. The fact that it is in film script format makes little difference. Laurence Shepherd, a leader in this small farming community is convinced women athletes are homosexuals. When a coach scouting for talent sees Cassie perform she asks if she can train her for the Olympics. Laurence must save his daughter from becoming a lesbian. He commits Cassie to a three-month conversion therapy camp that guarantees positive change in sexually conflicted individual. Grandpa, Obie Shepherd, the town drunk, is the only person that can help Cassie and Obie is in prison. I fell in love with Obie in the first scene. I call SHEPHERDING CASSIE a must read.”

Tracy Rohwer

“Shepherding Cassie grabs you from the start. You are immediately drawn to Obie. Scene by scene as the plot develops other characters are introduced and described well and you can picture the action all the way along. This is a very well written screen play with twists and turns all the way to the end. It flows beautifully and does not disappoint. I loved this script and look forward to seeing it on screen.”

Jim Whitefield, Author of The Delusion series.

“This will story will move you, storytelling at it’s deepest. Glad a friend recommended checking it out.”

Tia Night Eagle