Mormon Slave Daughters


Why is the Thirteenth Amendment Irrelevant?

Why is Utah #1 in the US in antidepressant-drug use, notably Prozac®? Why are twice as many women affected than men?

 “The abuse of women and girls is the most pervasive and unaddressed human rights violation on earth.” Jimmy Carter

 Under the shadow of a loving condescension an authoritarian patriarchy conditions young female minds to devout obedience and chain-binding loyalty. The result is a life of abject servitude. I am talking about mental rape, real, cruel, and disabling. The church fathers call women honored daughters of God, which is a euphemism for conditioned ignorance.

 At birth, a child represents the promise of a bright future. Under the cultural umbrella of God’s only-true-church, she becomes a baby-making machine. Her mind and body exist to be impregnated by a male agenda. Assume the position. God’s work to be done.  I’ve read the horror stories of eight, ten, and twelve child births before telling the old man, “I’m done! I’ve had my last child.” As birth control is out of the question guess what the reaction is from hubby? This story is not uncommon in religious communities.

 The belief that women are inferior is subtly conditioned into the psyches of the church daughters with the repetitive avalanche of a TV commercial. Denied the right to think their own thoughts and dream their own dreams, they learn to be loyal and obedient to a priesthood of men. They serve the dream of another taught they cannot go to heaven without a husband of the church. What effect does this have on the child mind?  Is anyone listening?

 As seen in Utah wedding rituals, young women marry an authoritarian chain of command, pledging obedience to God (male deity), Church (patriarchal rule), and husband. The ceremony is administered by a man. Thus our daughters become part of a lifelong support group dedicated to male importance.

 Religious institutions are not held accountable. No organization or person conducts oversight review of Church activities, beliefs, and income. And what is it that absolute power does? Absolute corruption with God’s blessing.

Raised to a life of servitude; how is that not violence?

 I recently heard Caroline Smith, Director of Pine Grove Intensive Workshops demonstrate the need for healthy expression.  Paraphrasing her words she said,

 “The essence of what it means to be human is self-expression."

 One of the most painful things you can do to a person is to precondition their dream exclusively to cultural needs.  The needs of the human heart are irrepressible and one size does not fit all.

 Women have something to say. Self-expression confined to bedroom and kitchen is not self-expression. It is slavery, subtly packaged in the bright ribbon of righteousness.

 Any act of violence directed at a woman is ultimately aimed at the whole of womankind. Physical rape and programed ignorance both are violent acts.

 A man rapes a girl. The physical act is conduit to his perception of women. Many men lead empty, unfulfilled lives. When is rape not an act of rage kindled by an unfulfilled life?

 Women not only live longer, but in the biology of things, they are the primary or default sex. While subconsciously men sense their own inferior nature, they are physically stronger. This has created a legacy of might over right. Rape, domestic violence, and involuntary servitude all are violence and violence in one part of the world is the same any where in the world. The damage, the lasting pain and hurt, is ultimately to the human mind.

 The question arises: How do we provoke young women to think for themselves? To liberate someone who doesn’t know she is not free seems cruel. It is a daunting task to navigate open waters when one has no idea what that means or how it is done.


 The slave daughters of today are starving. They are being raised in an abject poverty of mind, which is anemia of the soul. They are being raised with a mindset that dumbs down human cognition through the glorification of obedience, loyalty, and our-way-is-the-only-way.

 Children should go to bed loved, with full tummies and a thousand questions. Instead, young church women are being taught that some questions are devil inspired. They are taught that intellectual inquiry into doctrine and church history can only undermine spirituality and obedience. It is a shrewd conditioning.  Under the clever scrutiny of church fathers, they learn it is “wrong-minded” to think otherwise.

 Wrong-minded! Yes. The word has been around so long in Utah they have dropped the hyphen.

 This perfect conditioning occurs right under the nose of the law that forbids It. The Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America reads:

 “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude . . . shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

 Is anyone paying attention?  Nancy Pelosi our laws are being broken. Rachel Maddow, I can’t hear you.

 What man does not seem capable of realizing is that he will never be whole until his partner in life is of equal relevance in life. One cannot exist without the other.

 We need leaders who will challenge our youth to think independent of patriarchal authority. If men continue to be the primary governing power can we expect different results?

 Men and women do not have the same brain. The nature of man demands the counterbalance of woman. Young girls can more readily identify with women who fight for her rights. Terry O’Neill of NOW and women in Congress are visible and easy to connect with, but these women leaders are not reaching out and demanding adherence to the Thirteenth Amendment.

 In a speech to a convention of women in 2006, Madeleine Albright, former US Secretary of State, said, “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.”


 At some point it is imperative that we stop fixing problems by dealing solely with the symptoms of the problem.  Many of these cultures of religion holds enormous power because they cultures of, for, and by men.

 The US has never been a balanced freedom. A lot of blood was spilled getting a Bill of Rights. We still argue about issues that need to be talked about, but do not deal with the basic problem that has been with us since the last signer put his name on the constitutional papers.

 The cultures of religion hold enormous financial power and political clout.


 Because they are cultures of, for, and by men. For over two hundred years a congress of men designed a nation for men.


 The male brain has 2&1/2 ‘times’ more cells dedicated to sex than the female brain. Until 1917 there were no women in Congress.  In 2013 there are 101 women out of 540 members in the House and the Senate. We need another 169 women to join the 101 existing women holding seats in the Congress to balance out male thinking.


Because the male brain is different than the female brain.

If that happened we will have completely changed the face of our Democratic Republic and it will be glorious.