Mormon Slave Daughters





In Iran they beat women for being women. If a woman is raped they stone her dead and call it an “honor killing.” The man who raped her is not at fault. 

In RFC’s, radical fundamentalist cultures, young women are taught that it is their responsibility to ensure that young men stay worthy, as if it is on them to dial down the hormone level of young men. Balderdash! 

At Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah girls have learned not to report being raped. Those who do have been scrutinized, watched,  and questioned until they felt violated all over again. What happens to the man? They talk to him. They understand why he was tempted. He remains in full fellowship in the Utah church. 

James Madison who wrote the constitution of the U. S. also wrote, "Religious Bondage shackles and debilitates the mind and unfits it for every noble enterprise." 

In the Utah Church girl babies are conditioned(taught, programmed) to be a support group for men. It is a one size fits all culture for women. Male supremacy is paramount. No exceptions. Every day the most extensive human rights violations take place. The abuse of women and girls happens under the pretentious banner of religious freedom. Forcing others to live by our beliefs; what has that got to do with religious freedom? It is skillfully conditioned cultural conditioning.It is institutional misogyny. 

The abuse of women and girls is the most pervasive and unaddressed human rights violation on earth. Jimmy Carter 

Under the shadow of a loving condescension a RFC patriarchy conditions young female minds to devout obedience and chain-binding loyalty. The result is a life of abject servitude. I am talking about mental rape, real, cruel, and disabling. From the pulpit church fathers call women honored daughters of God. Believe it. 

President Obama put it this way,“You cannot deny women their basic rights and pretend it is about your religious freedom. The Thirteenth Amendment literally interpreted means you cannot force other people to live by your beliefs. 

RFC daughters are being raised in a selective mindset that dumbs down human cognition through the glorification of obedience, loyalty, and our-way-is-the-only-way.  This is rape, subtle, but rape. The daughters of fundamentalist religions experience mental anemia. 

Children should go to bed feeling safe, loved, with full tummies, and a thousand questions. Instead, young churchwomen are being taught that some questions are devil inspired. They are taught that intellectual inquiry into doctrine and church history can only undermine spirituality and obedience. It is a shrewd conditioning that occurs right under the nose of the law that forbids It.  

The Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America reads: 

“Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude . . .

shall exist within the United States,

or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

 In a speech to a convention of women in 2006, Madeleine Albright, former US Secretary of State, said, “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” 

Is anyone paying attention?  Nancy Pelosi our laws are being broken. Rachel Maddow, I can’t hear you.

A male dominated congress does not seem capable of realizing that we will never be whole until our partner in life is of equal relevance in life. In a healthy free society one cannot exist without the other.(Like that's gonna happen) One can always hope. 

We need leaders who will challenge our youth to think independent of patriarchal authority and this, of course, will not happen – not  until the Congress of the United States is of equal parity; half women, half men. 

The cultures of religion hold enormous financial power and political clout. Why? Because they are cultures of, for, and by men. For over two hundred years a congress of men designed a nation of, for, and by men. 

It wasn’t until 1916 that a woman held a seat in our legislative branch of government. It wasn't until 1966 that a man could no longer legally rape his wife. Believe that!

Follow me. In 1965 there were eleven women in congress.

Today women hold 19% of the seats in The House of Representatives and 21% of the seats in the Senate. When those numbers are at 50%, women can say, yes, this is our country too. 

Odd, women have always been protected by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Full citizenship was always theirs. NOW they have to reclaim finally make it their own. 

NOW, the National Organization for Women struggles to bring about full citizenship. How they doing? I receive request for money every month. I don’t see results. 

NOW wants:

. to eliminate discrimination and harassment in the workplace, schools, and government.

. secure abortion, birth control, and reproductive rights for all women.

. end all forms of violence against women.

. Etc., etc., and so forth.

News Flash. Balderdash! 

If I could say it more plainly I would. If men continue to be the primary legislative sex it is not going to happen. WHY? Because all we are dealing with are symptoms. We need, it is imperative that we strike at the core of the problem. 


At some point it is imperative that we stop fixing problems by dealing solely with the symptoms of the problem.  We need another 169 women to join the 101 existing women holding seats in the Congress to balance out male thinking. 


Because the male brain is different than the female brain and we are in a battle requiring demanding cultural change. 

How do you fight culture? The hand that rocks the cradle. Raise children that ask questions.

“The courage to imagine the otherwise

is our greatest resource.”

Daniel J Boorstin


Question: What would happen if our Congress were comprised of equal parts men and women? Would there be a shift in priority focus? If 270 women had seats in Congress do you think gun laws would have been neglected this long? Would rape, abortion, LGBT marriage, and equal pay issues be treated differently?

U.S. influence is global. Our values are exported with our trade and the billions of dollars we pour into other countries each year. We influence the world. 

Add another one hundred and seventy women to Congress. How many dare predict the resultant changes that would follow? Thought becomes voice. Voice becomes vote. Vote becomes planetary change. 

How do we change culture? Who do you vote for?